The Rings of the Serpent of Healing

THE RINGS OF THE SERPENT OF HEALING: The Eighteenth Mansion Triumphed, with the North Node Rising.


This was somewhat borderline, but I was encouraged by advice from tarot to make six rings of this configuration.

“The eighteenth Mansion is Alcab, and it is for taking away fevers and infirmities of the belly. When the Moon is passing through this Mansion, fashion from wax the image of an adder holding its tail above its head. Suffumigate it with the horn of a stag and say: ‘You, Egribel, guard this house of mine that no serpent may enter nor any other hurtful beast.’ Place the image in a vessel which should be buried beneath your house; when the aforesaid has been done, then no serpent will be able to enter nor any other hurtful creature. If the image is to relieve a fever or illness of the belly, carry this image with you and it will cure you. Know that Egrebel is the name of the lord of this Mansion.”

Rubeus page 290 in the Plinian Mansion section.

The main concern of this election is that we just passed an eclipse, and nobody is sure how big the orb of influence of an eclipse is. I think enough time elapsed, but experimentation is the key to discovery. It’s much more time than the last time I made a talisman which got horrible from an eclipse.

The Moon is slow and succedent, which would invalidate the election except for the North Node on the ASC and the Moon enclosed between aspects of the Benefics. The application to Venus is rather wide, but this is not a limit on besiegement so it should not be a limit on triumphs (which is what I’m calling benevolent besiegement these days.) It is also the Moon’s Day but not the Hour. The ASC Ruler is highly essentially dignified, but seperating from conjunction with Capulus and applying to a wide opposition to a retrograde Saturn. Nevertheless, when a planet or the Nodes are on the ASC, the ASC Ruler becomes a tertiary consideration IMHO.

Not being able to break down my stag horn in time to make a powder suitable for suffumigation, I used licorice root– used to settle stomach problems, and‘s Moon Oil in combination with amber resin from Alchemy Works.

Six rings with quartz cabochons were prepared, with gold-filled/rolled gold wire (which is basically gold-plated brass.) One for myself, five for friends and future clients.

The ymage was of a serpent in the configuration of a letter C flipped along the vertical axis, with the head below. The sigil of the North Node was engraved where convenient, and EGRIBEL across the middle of the surface.

Anything I missed?


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