The Defixios of Burning Hatred

DEFIXIOS OF BURNING HATRED: Moon in 5th Mansion, combust, besieged, Cancer ascending.


Fifth Mansion effects include “to destroy the friendship between two people” in Picatrix, when the principal planets are afflicted. Some contend that combustion and/or besiegement are limited by Sign boundaries; I disagree. This election has both, a fairly toxic combo. Cancer is also a Sign associated with curses in Traditional magical texts, including Picatrix if I recall properly. The Moon is succeedent, but in the 11th House where she can do the damage intended. She is fast, thus indicating rapid and palpable effects.

Nine lead disks were used, as mini-defixios to be planted on the person or property of targets. The sigil of the Moon was placed above an X, which Picatrix advises to use when the character or ymage of a spirit are not known. Storax was used as a suffumigation.

Lead would not normally be an appropriate choice for a Lunar talisman, but the silvery dullness of lead is suitable for curses depending on the power of the Moon.

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