The Myth of “Boy Wizards”

True wizards begin their careers when everyone else’s are winding down with retirement in sight.

This is because magic is about wisdom as much as it is about power, and all the discernment in the world cannot compensate for the lack of experience of youth.

There are no “boy wizards”, nor ever were.

I would have disagreed with this thirty years ago, but now I know better.

The Debts We Owe to the Dead

When I pay homage to the ancestors, I add the names of practitioners of magic whom I have known but are no longer among the living.

Most of them got that way because they did some inadvisable magic— in my estimation, at least.

One of the debts we owe to the dead is not to make their mistakes. Otherwise, their sacrifices will have been entirely in vain.

Video Games and Money Magic are often Incompatible

Psst! A reminder. 

If your money magic isn’t working, stop playing video games where you accumulate treasure or even points.

The spiritual powers which you have called upon rarely can distinguish between the virtual cash in a game and the virtual cash in your bank account, and they will almost invariably work on whatever is easier to manifest. It’s all just bytes in a computer today, after all.

I found this out some years ago when goofing off in a game where I accumulated a conspicuous amount of treasure, even while my real life finances were stagnant. And part of the reason I was gaming was that it was an inexpensive way to pass the time and relieve stress about money.

It took me a while to realize that my ring of Deneb Algedi was working on the game rather than what I actually needed. When I stopped playing, my finances began to improve.

Comparing Magical Systems…

Hoodoo and related folk magics are good for fast results.

Talismanic magic is good for strong, enduring results.

Wiccan magic is good for seeing what people look like naked, whether you want to or not.

Thelemic magic is good for coming off as a hipster pseudo-intellectual.

Chaos magic is good for coming across as creepy and vaguely insane.

This delphic wisdom has been brought to you by one of the longest weeks in memory.

The Three Year Project

One of these days I’m going to have to tell people about the The Three Year Project, which wrapped up around my last birthday. People really have no idea what magic can achieve if it is pursued diligently. I’m not really a patient person, but I am a determined one. This was one of my greatest triumphs and I can’t even talk about it. I’m not sure who would believe me anyway. It’s so frustrating.

Marvelous Magics

Picatrix Rubeus page 128:

“The great sage Plato, however, wrote two books about magic, that is, the Greater and the Lesser. In the Greater he wrote about the effects of the figures of heaven, from which he described great marvels, such as walking upon water, and changing into the form of any animal you desire, or into some composite form never before heard of in this world, and calling down rain at times when it ought not to rain and preventing rain when it ought to rain, and making stars move and cast down rays out of their proper times, and burning down hostile cities as well as ships at sea and remote places that you wish to burn, and ascending into the air, and making stars appear at times incongruent for their appearance so that they seem to fall from heaven, and speaking with the dead, and making it appear as though the Sun and Moon were divided into many parts, and making ropes and spears appear to be serpents and dragons, eating anyone they encounter, and making long and short journeys pass in the blink of an eye.

“All the foregoing that we have described are brought about by the powers and virtues of figures and by the strong attraction of spirits that will be obedient to us, and by the strong composition of the bodies of the figures of materials brought together from this inferior world. From these come the spiritual motions that move all bodies, by which motions marvels are brought about, as well as works that are not done by human beings, but appear to belong almost to the category of miracles.”

This may be the most important passage in Picatrix, because it illustrates the most advanced forms of astrological magic and what once it was capable of, and perhaps someday again.

If you think it’s all preposterous, I can tell you I’ve seen some of those things happen– and if those are true, why not the others?