The Rings of Liberation


This is a good solid Sun talisman, which I make every year.

Sun Day but not Sun Hour, planet in domicile but not triplicity, Moon fast and unafflicted though cadent, Sun unafflicted. The Moon’s Sign Ruler is cadent as well, and normally I’d deem this a problem but the role of the Moon is diminished in Solar elections.

I tend to think that dignity by exaltation allows the user of a talisman to embody the planet’s strengths, whereas dignity by rulership gives the user sway over people in any way signified by that planet. This is why it’s entirely reasonable to me to double up on exaltation and rulership planetary talismans, and why sometimes one is much preferred over the other.

I particularly find that Sun Rulership talismans have the property of swaying petty bureaucrats, cops, and other people who otherwise might lord over you like a king, to your cause and needs. Self-appointed tyrants are dethroned and made your comrade, with no effort at all.

I was able to test this promptly by breezing through the lines at the DMV three times in one day, even starting out quite late– shortly after making this batch of rings. Around here, one normally expects to spend several hours in line– I burned through the line in about twenty minutes each time. (On two occasions they asked for documents which I didn’t have on hand and hadn’t realized I needed.) Sun Leo talismans have also gotten me out of situations with cops looking to collect a fine, with utter ease. I have many other examples.

The construction of the rings (there were several) were lemon chrysoprases and bloodstones in gold and gold-filled wire settings. The suffumigation was gentian, and marjoram was the herb affixed beneath the stone. The oil was Sun Oil. Rather atypically, I selected to engrave the Eye of Horus along with the word SUN. The symbol of the Sun is a highly abstracted eyeball, and the Egyptian flavor makes it both historically strong and a bit more pictorial.

A very successful project.

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