On Jupiter’s Temperateness

As a followup to my other Jupiter posts; I have ruminated at great length on the topic since I wrote that a few years ago and it’s worth expounding upon.

Jupiter’s temperateness is a concept hard to convey in contemporary terms. Jupiter has the capacity to augment, but ultimately it is the active promotion of positive normalcy.

When you restore your device to default settings because it wasn’t working correctly, you are engaged in something akin to the purpose of Jupiter. Long before the revisionists (for religious reasons) switched the colors of Jupiter, astrologers assigned to him the colors white and yellow. Today, I’d add khaki and taupe; the colors of mildness and normalcy. The colors of the neutral, reliable default settings.

Jupiter’s powers are not those of inertia but the strength of the middle path. The Greater Benefic manifests through ordinary goodness in things.

Jupiter is used most prominently in healing magic and protective magic, because in both cases the ideal is physical normalcy and security from the difficult and abnormal.

This is why Jupiter is so hard to understand. It is the planet most defined in negatives; it is the planet most akin to the Air Element. It is invisible until something is awry. Unless one is suffocating in a vacuum or being blown about in a gale, one can easily forget that the atmosphere is not simply empty space. It is not empty space; it is what enables all life to be possible.

This is why Kabbalists felt that the intelligences of Jupiter were secret interlocutors to the godhead. It is the Divine which sets the defaults, which defines the rules, which establishes health and longevity and the good.

The cleanliness of the empty canvas or the unwritten page are not voids. They are abundances of possibilities. This is the secret of Jupiter– the hidden hand that always is helping, and often helping better because of its obscurity.

The abnormal is marvelous but seldom is it good. The normal is taken for granted easily, but it is the doorway to the good. And this is the case because — in astrological terms at least — the Divine world has rigged cosmic law slightly in our favors. The default is, surprisingly, benevolent.


The Rings of Triumphing Light

THE RINGS OF TRIUMPHING LIGHT: Sun in Domicile Ascending, Fortunes in the 1st House.


This was a particularly meaningful and powerful election, made in the hours immediately before my mother’s gravestone unveiling ceremony, one day after the third anniversary of her death. Her epitaph was “She was like the Sun; overflowing with beauty, warmth, and bringing cheer. By night unseen, yet not truly gone.” I’d often associated her with Solar virtues, which were strong in her nativity; in a way this was a way of honoring her as well as making ten rings of great power.

The Sun Ascends in domicile during Sun Hour and Day. The Moon applies a perfected sextile to the Sun. Though far from the Sun’s beams, both Fortunes are in the 1st House. The Moon is fast and in a very fortunate Mansion, and unafflicted.

The main difficulty of the election was that Venus was retrograde and entered 8 degrees of the Ascendant within about nine minutes of the election’s commencement. Thus, petition and all ten rings had to be inscribed within this narrow window of time. Having a retrograde planet on the Ascendant (or Ruling it) nullifies an election, though Benefics are more moderate in their afflictions. Two of the final rings were made just barely outside of the window but are probably valid, if weaker.

On this occasion I had an assistant, Jennifer– also my editor and close friend. She made but one of the rings, but mostly fed the suffumigation incense onto the coal and saved me time thereby. I aimed to have her become familiar with my procedures for writing projects in the future.

The materials were selected through divination. The herbal matrix under the rings were celendine and lignum aloes. From this one might assume the rings will combine the protective virtues of celendine with the wealthy virtues of lignum aloes. (Perhaps it will protect against money jinxes? It’s impossible to know until one tests it.) The suffumigation was a blend of frankincense, calamus, marjoram, and rosemary. The stones were all bloodstone, and the band was gold wire with a tougher core of gold-plated brass.

The inscription was the word SUN over the Latin Picatrix Sun sigil (the one which looks like an inverted V with circular serifs) and the sigil of the Intelligence of the Sun at the bottom– the version with a serif and a circle termination. This was also determined through divination.

Aside from running out of time with the 8a (my own notation) everything went splendidly.

All ten of the rings are untouched and pristine and may be bestowed on others, though I probably will claim some for myself at a later point.

Below, I include the highly abbreviated Solar petition used. Credit me with the edit if you use it anywhere.

“May God bless you, Sun, you who are fortunate and the greater fortune, hot and dry, luminous, resplendent, noble, beautiful, exalted, and honored king over all the stars and planets. Power of beauty, subtlety, good disposition, truth, wisdom, knowledge and riches, which by your virtue are acquired, and in you are made strong. You are the lord of the six planets, which are governed by your motion, and you reign over them and have kingship and lordship over them, and they are obedient to you and depend on your aspect. You are king, and they are vassals. No one can possibly perceive all your good and noble qualities, which are infinite to our intellects. Infuse your spirit and light into these mighty talismans, so that the marvels I desire may be accomplished.”

I made a peridot Sun talisman with mule hair for the easing of breathing difficulties (as per Agrippa) for my mother some years ago. It was the only jewelry on her when she died, and I still carry it with me wherever I go.

Let the light shine on!

The Rings of Liberation


This is a good solid Sun talisman, which I make every year.

Sun Day but not Sun Hour, planet in domicile but not triplicity, Moon fast and unafflicted though cadent, Sun unafflicted. The Moon’s Sign Ruler is cadent as well, and normally I’d deem this a problem but the role of the Moon is diminished in Solar elections.

I tend to think that dignity by exaltation allows the user of a talisman to embody the planet’s strengths, whereas dignity by rulership gives the user sway over people in any way signified by that planet. This is why it’s entirely reasonable to me to double up on exaltation and rulership planetary talismans, and why sometimes one is much preferred over the other.

I particularly find that Sun Rulership talismans have the property of swaying petty bureaucrats, cops, and other people who otherwise might lord over you like a king, to your cause and needs. Self-appointed tyrants are dethroned and made your comrade, with no effort at all.

I was able to test this promptly by breezing through the lines at the DMV three times in one day, even starting out quite late– shortly after making this batch of rings. Around here, one normally expects to spend several hours in line– I burned through the line in about twenty minutes each time. (On two occasions they asked for documents which I didn’t have on hand and hadn’t realized I needed.) Sun Leo talismans have also gotten me out of situations with cops looking to collect a fine, with utter ease. I have many other examples.

The construction of the rings (there were several) were lemon chrysoprases and bloodstones in gold and gold-filled wire settings. The suffumigation was gentian, and marjoram was the herb affixed beneath the stone. The oil was Luckymojo.com Sun Oil. Rather atypically, I selected to engrave the Eye of Horus along with the word SUN. The symbol of the Sun is a highly abstracted eyeball, and the Egyptian flavor makes it both historically strong and a bit more pictorial.

A very successful project.

The Rings of the Casino

THE RINGS OF THE CASINO: The Second Face of Cancer, Somachalmais


There was a similar election two days prior, but at my location the Moon was conjoining to Algol for all but four minutes before the electional window had elapsed.


“There rises in the second face of Cancer a woman with a beautiful face,
and on her head she has a crown of green myrtle, and in her hand is a stem of the plant called water lily, and she is singing songs of love and joy. This is a face of games, wealth, joy and abundance. This is its form.”


In other sources it adds that it bestows the love of women, which is probably a side effect of the affinity the talismanic ymage creates in people, places, and things depicted therein.

The Moon trining Mars is an affliction, but as the Moon is waning it’s not all that bad. The Day/Hour of Mercury definitely adds to the electional power. The Moon’s Sign ruler being cadent would normally rule out this election, but having a benefic on the ASC offsets this. Unfortunately, Jupiter is combust but I still think it’s enough to offset this effect. The Sun is greatly strengthened, however, by conjoining Jupiter and in elections which prioritize the Sun (as most Face elections do) the role of the Moon is lessened as she is always subservient to the Sun.

So, it’s not the best election but I think it’ll work. It’s an upgrade from my former Somachalmais rings.

Four agates in gold were used; three yellow and one brown agate. Attraction Oil was used in this instance, and the suffumigation and herb beneath the stones were gum arabic.

I have attached both the election data and a hastily drawn ymage template I created for Kat Lunoe so she could make her own Somachalmais talisman two days prior to mine. It’s not great art, but you don’t have a lot of space to work with on a gemstone cabochon.

Next time I’ll have her mouth open because she’s singing. I just realized that goof now. Oh well. At least on my rings, she’s actually smiling.

Video Games and Money Magic are often Incompatible

Psst! A reminder. 

If your money magic isn’t working, stop playing video games where you accumulate treasure or even points.

The spiritual powers which you have called upon rarely can distinguish between the virtual cash in a game and the virtual cash in your bank account, and they will almost invariably work on whatever is easier to manifest. It’s all just bytes in a computer today, after all.

I found this out some years ago when goofing off in a game where I accumulated a conspicuous amount of treasure, even while my real life finances were stagnant. And part of the reason I was gaming was that it was an inexpensive way to pass the time and relieve stress about money.

It took me a while to realize that my ring of Deneb Algedi was working on the game rather than what I actually needed. When I stopped playing, my finances began to improve.

The Rings of Abundance

THE RINGS OF ABUNDANCE: Jupiter in Exaltation, Moon sextile Jupiter

This was what I suspect was the last valid Jupiter exaltation election for the next decade or more. The details of this election are slightly unusual in many ways.

Jupiter ascended on Jupiter day. The Moon was making applying benevolent aspects to both Jupiter and the Pars Fortuna, strengthening it notably. The Moon itself was fairly slow but this was rectified by having a benefic on the ASC. The main downside was that Jupiter was making a trine to a retrograde Saturn; some may not even consider this an affliction, but I tend to think that Jupiter and Saturn have natural affinities for each other and this at worst is a lesser affliction.

The rings were carnelian, the bands gold-filled wire and gold wire wrap. The suffumigation was a blend of violet leaves, lignum aloes, and gum mastic. The herb beneath the stone was liquid storax. The long petition from Picatrix was used again, and the larger rings utilized the lion-headed dragon-stomping warrior and the smaller used the conventional symbol of Jupiter and the planet’s name. No oil was used this time.

But the most interesting aspect of this election was that it was not performed alone. It was a training session for my new assistant and old friend, Kat Lunoe. She performed her tasks admirably, and in fact recited her petition far better than I, and her artistic skills were noticeable assets in the inscriptions of her ymages and sigils. (She also corrected me when I accidentally got the petition text pages out of order, for which I am especially grateful.)

Together we prepared nine rings. I was greatly surprised that by the time we had affixed the storax, Jupiter was exactly on the Ascendant; suggesting that we could easily have prepared nine more rings at least had I been wise enough to purchase more rings for the project. If we had restricted ourselves to sigils alone, we could easily have prepared forty rings during the same time frame.

The objective now is to produce large numbers of talismanic rings (and talismans of other varieties) during particularly excellent elections, rare elections, or of talismans which are especially sought-after. For sale someday, gifts for friends, and so on.

The Rings of Ultimate Fortune

THE RINGS OF ULTIMATE FORTUNE: Jupiter in Degree of Exaltation, Moon trining Jupiter


This was a phenomenal election and I hope some of you took advantage of it.

Jupiter was in his degree-of-exaltation, in his Day, with the Moon applying a lovely trine to him. The MC was furthermore fortified by Venus in her exaltation. The Moon was very fast, and the Dragon’s Head was on the cusp of the 5th House– very fortunate indeed.

“The form of a man with the face of a lion and feet of a bird, and under his feet is a seven headed dragon and in his right hand he has a dart as though he wished to throw it at one of the dragon’s heads.”

As the election window was basically an hour long, I was able to use the longest of the Picatrix petition texts for Jupiter, beginning “May God bless you, Jupiter, planet of perfect and noble nature, exalted, honored, precious, and benign lord, warm and moist and similar in your nature to air, equitable in your works, wise, truthful, lover of religion…”

Text subsequent to this ymage in Picatrix but seemingly for a different election may well apply here too:

“Whoever caries this ring will be served by the sons of men, eagles, vultures, lions, and all the works of Jupiter.”

Three emerald rings were engraved thusly, set in a band of gold and gold-filled wire. The emerald was made affordable by having my jeweler make cabochons from rock. The emerald is highly included, and looks a fair bit like pale malachite; quite beautiful. Adam & Eve Oil was used, and the suffumigation was pine resin and rosebuds. The herb beneath the rings was violet leaf.

In addition, I engraved sigils of Jupiter (the Arabic Picatrix versions) on a pair of carnelian cufflinks and a tie tack, and two mineral orbs; one of quartz and the other of labradorite.

Overall, a project that I’m very proud of and satisfied by. We won’t see anything like this again for a very long time.

(The election nearly got botched by disclosing it to someone in advance, but I was able to make some changes to the operation which saved it from nullification. Gotta be more careful about that.)

Smaller emerald cabochons have been put aside for Mercury talismans, someday.

The Great Rings of Wealth

THE GREAT RINGS OF WEALTH: Marxois, The Third Face of Capricorn


“There rises in the third face of Capricorn a man holding a book which he opens and closes, and before him is the tail of a fish. This is a face of wealth and the accumulation of money and increase and embarking on trade and pressing on to a good end.”

It’s rare to find a talisman which just brings great riches, so this was one I’ve been hankering to try for a very long time.

Marxois is empowered by the Sun, and the Sun is in the Face in question. Sun is unafflicted. Sun Day and Hour. The Moon is sufficiently fast and widely applying to both benefics by benevolent aspects. The Moon is in her House and conjunct the Pars Fortuna.

The main downside of this election is that it is the final degree of a Sign, but as this is Capricorn and the final degrees of Signs get that reputation largely because of Saturn this may not be as great a concern as otherwise. Furthermore, this election is hard to obtain so one must not demand flawlessness. Saturn is on the MC, but I don’t think that’ll cause mischief here.

I chose lemon chrysoprase for the stone, and bands made of both gold and gold-filled wire for strength. The suffumigation was long pepper, as was the herb affixed beneath the rings. The oil used was Money Drawing.

Seven rings were made for me, and one undesignated recipient in Size 8.5.

The ymage of Marxois bears some scrutiny. The Sun is accorded large books according to Picatrix, and the figure is of a merlad (a male mermaid) reading a book. This is a way of transmitting that the Sun is in the tail of Capricorn pictorially. In my design, I inscribed MARXOIS across the chest of the figure, and when possible the sigil of Marxois on the binding of the book. The design isn’t going to hang in a museum, but it doesn’t have to in order for it to work. It also wise to remind oneself that each entry on the Faces in Picatrix says “This is its Form.” I don’t think that word choice is accidental.

It should be noted that Picatrix is one of the few sources which consider this a thoroughly positive Face. Most of the others say it inspires selfishness and avarice. I trust Picatrix over those sources, but think those may be valid for malefic elections of this Face.